My Top 10 Favorite Bloggers

The past few months have been busy and chaotic, and unfortunately one of the things that took a hit was my ability to maintain the Eburg Veg blog. While my frequent breaks from internet and social media were nice, my goal for the upcoming year is to find a sense of balance between my real and digital worlds. Of course I’ve still been eating, and you can follow my restaurant food updates in the image gallery here.

Evolve Clothing & Jewelry was kind enough to host an Eburg Veg popup during the Ellensburg Downtown Association’s annual Holiday Girls Night Out on December 6. I made a variety of sweet treats for the event, including 2 kinds of cupcakes, 3 kinds of cookies, and 3 kinds of truffles. If you enjoyed anything that you tasted, many of the recipes are already here on my blog!

girls night cupcakes.jpg

Here’s the menu of what I made. Click the links if you need sweet holiday recipes!

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes
Orange Spice Cupcakes
Perfect Sugar Cookies
Snowball Tea Cakes
Lemon Rosemary & Walnut Shortbread
Chocolate Orange Truffles
Mocha Truffles
Garam Masala Truffles

Recently while thinking about making an effort to get back to blogging regularly, I found myself reflecting on the people I have been lucky enough to know or interact with online who consistently inspire me. I thought that it would be terrific to honor them by compiling a list of my favorite bloggers and social media accounts to share.

Tajda Ferko
My Vegan Minimalist

What drives me every day is seeing other food bloggers like Cupful of Kale and Broma Bakery sharing the love for food through incredible, drool-worthy photography. “ -Tajda Ferko

Slovenian blogger Tajda Ferko is one of my go-to sources for ideas because in addition to sharing incredible food images and recipes she posts tips for more sustainable living and features brands that make cruelty free and responsibly packaged cosmetic items. Sometimes I get a little jealous of the items available in the UK where Tajda lives, but ever since beginning my own journey to reduce waste I am especially drawn to bloggers like her who are a constant source of inspiration for anyone looking to live a vegan or minimalist lifestyle. Be sure to follow her if either of these topics are on your mind!

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Gloria Clay
Award-winning Independent Vegan Chef 

“I cook from my soul to feed the souls of others” -Gloria Clay

I love following Gloria on social media because of the amazing soul food she posts. She comes up with creative ideas to feed her omni husband on the two nights a week he eats vegan and takes her creations to competitions (and wins). Like a true creative, she even gets new recipe ideas while she is sleeping and wakes up to write them down! Reigning from Sorth Carolina, she has been in the medical profession over 25 years and says after going vegan overnight and never looking back she thought about Noah’s Ark “and how each animal walked side by side and I figure that’s how we are suppose to walk with them, side by side and not on our plates.”

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Ndem Etim Nkem
Hot Chocolate Fitness

“Never stop learning, pushing boundaries and doing things out of your comfort zone.” - Ndem Etim Nkem

California based fitness blogger Ndem Etim Nkem is an amazing motivational resource for anyone looking to take charge of themselves while sticking up for animals. Following him on instagram reminds me to do yoga, eat a variety of healthy foods, and love myself every day. He’s fun, upbeat, and a great personality to watch on youtube because he always speaks honestly with a side of humor while reminding you to be true to yourself!

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The Vegan Gents
Digital Coaches Manny & Danny

“Being vegan isn’t a sacrifice it’s an evolution.” -The Vegan Gents

The Vegan Gents are really adding a lot of class to the plant scene! The inspiration for their name comes from modern sophistication, which is definitely reflected in everything they do. They are located in Boston, MA and offer in-person lectures and cooking demos in addition to being an online resource for non-locals. They have content available for download directly from their website and a ton of mouth watering recipes that are sure to impress the guests at your next dinner party. Check them out anytime you’re feeling fancy and want to make something to reflect your mood. “We have to become less polarized in order for veganism to truly last. When we make enemies of those who don’t agree with us we only widen the gap that we’ve been trying to bridge…Life is full of 7 billion perspectives and if we learn to listen we’ll learn to love.”

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Alejandra Tabares
The Half Avocado

“The best way to go without doubt is to eat more plants than everything else.”

Colombian born, now Australian based instagrammer Alejandra runs an amazing account as The Half Avocado. Every post wows me with how colorful, flavorful, and mouth watering it is and I am checking her page all the time when I feel like I’m in a meal rut and need some healthy new ideas. There are always so many great ideas about food to eat, zero waste strategies, and books to read.

”I want to spread the vegan message, and for me the best way to do it is sharing my passion for homemade and wholesome food. This is my activism. This is the way others can see how delicious we eat. Small changes make a huge impact too, for you, for the planet and for the animals. Don’t feel you have to be vegan overnight, but the best way to go without doubt is to eat more plants that everything else.”

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Darcy Reeder
Journalist, Vegan Pastry Chef, Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Facilitator

“When we communicate our truths, the world gets better.” -Darcy Reeder

It’s such an amazing feeling when one of your personal heroes is also someone you know! I first met Darcy when she owned a vegan pizza restaurant in Seattle and even though we have both moved from there (in opposing directions) we manage to see each other 1-2 times per year and bring our badass vegan kids together. Darcy has been writing for magazines and websites like Raise Vegan and Medium about a variety of topics including veganism, feminism, and parenting. She had so many great reflections about this experience to share:

”Since becoming a parent, I see everything through the parenting lens. My hopes for a kinder, more sustainable world are the same, but the urgency feels greater because of this one incredible person. Every time I see something in the world that needs to change, I think about how to explain it to Tzivia (and how to better the world so we don't need to explain so many shitty things to our kids), how to raise her to be an ally, and also how to raise her to access feelings of joy.”

”I've always preferred literary journalism, first-person writing, and admitting to my passions rather than feigning impartiality. I hope to be a support for others in their struggles and journeys, especially parentsintersectional feminists, and aspiring vegans. Blogging allows a platform for traditionally marginalized people's voices to be heard!”

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The Vegan Major
(Depending on your rank, you can call him, “sir”)

“The Winds of Change are powerful, but that will settle down as your body adjusts to its new plant-based diet!” -The Vegan Major

This London based “instagraph” account is by far one of the most entertaining people in my instagram feed. His account was originally created simply to share the food that other people posted with the vegan friend who helped him transition from a 25 year long “vegetablarian” into being fully vegan (over the course of a year), but after sharing some original content it became apparent that the “Vegan Army” needed a Major! I love a good theme almost as much as I love humor and the Major never disappoints. The food posts are mouth watering comfort food delights, greasy bar food, junk-tastic vegan treats, and always accompanied by absurd and hilarious remarks throughout the comment feed. Pro tip - ALWAYS read the captions on his posts. All joking aside, it’s great to see an animal rights activist use their sense of humor to gain a following, or in this case form a brigade!

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Family and Cuisine

“Food should be enjoyed not something to be stressed over!”

One look at the images above will tell you why Etoile is one of my favorite food bloggers and instagram pals. Half French, half Australian, currently residing in the UK (near London) the flavor pairings in her simple yet stunning dishes never cease to amaze me! Inspired by creating meals for her adorable vegan family, many of the recipes she posts are sugar free and gluten free, in addition to being vegan. (I’m ready to add guilt free to the list!) Her website is dedicated to food but her instagram feed adds another dimension by giving you a window into the adventures of her family and I love seeing all that fellow vegan mom love!

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Lindsay Robeson
The Plant Powered Parents

“It’s never too late to change your eating habits for health or ethical reasons.” - Lindsay Robeson

Lindsay is one of my first insta-loves because her feed is probably the absolute cutest there is. Full of gorgeous food images and photos of her adorable Phoenix, AZ based family, her account is everything I aspire for. The good news? You can get her recipes in Raise Vegan Magazine! One of her goals is to support new vegans through showing the world her happy and healthy vegan family. Each one of her posts is sure to bring a smile to your face!

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Mark Frecknall
Healthy Insta-foodie “Vegan_Days”

“Trust your own convictions and remember to keep smiling.” -Mark Freknall

Located in Nottinghamshire, UK, Mark is one of my favorite “regular people” on instagram. We started our accounts right around the same time and I have always drawn so much inspiration from the creativity in his food images. He posts minimum of once per day so there’s always a beautiful new creation to see! He went vegan less than a year ago at the age of 52, and as a self proclaimed foodie who had always loved cooking and baking wondered how that would translate to a vegan lifestyle. “Whilst researching vegan diets it became clear that this could easily continue and to be honest it opened up many possibilities that I'd not considered before.” Check out Mark’s feed when you want beautiful plating ideas and healthy meal inspiration. He doesn’t brag about it, but eating vegan has also helped him lose weight and take control of his health!

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