Spring is here! Well, kind of. I'm still waiting on some April snow...

My delightful houseplant corner

My delightful houseplant corner

It's time to take inventory of our lives, plant seeds, assess our goals, change direction, and clear out all of our literal and figurative clutter. The cusp of rebirth is an excellent chance to take big picture things and watch how all of the intricate oversights in our daily lives play into them. Jonas and I are getting ready to move house so now is the opportunity to take these sentiments to heart more than ever. Transitions offer excitement for new encounters plus a bit of the growing pains of letting go. You know, like the other day when I cried about my garden. (No worries, I'm all stocked up on pots now!)


What's new?

-->   The Ellensburg Downtown Community Garden has been in a questionable gray area of whether or not it will exist for some time now, so let me be the first to tell you how elated I am that we have the green light on another year and ideas are in the works for the children's garden this season! Follow Kid-itas County on facebook or check the website to keep current on the program schedule.

-->   My local friend Diedra has been preparing to launch a new business based around toddler play, we have put our heads together on some ideas, and I am lucky to have the chance to help her with the planning and execution of an Earth Day event for next month. We'll share more details as it gets closer, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out what she has planned for Ceyla & Chicken by clicking the web link above or finding them on facebook.

-->   I launched the Eburg Veg shop featuring items I had for sale at the Spring Fair, plus a few more! As the shop gains popularity more items will be added to the inventory but right now I haven't even fully decided on some of the packaging. Don't worry, productive progress comes from procrastination. I used an alliteration, so the logic must be sound.

-->   In my continued mission to cut out plastic use in our house and reduce our overall waste I have been having a hard time figuring out shampoo and conditioner, but not anymore! This week I discovered that apple cider vinegar is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G as hair conditioner.

-->   I found out that all of the beer brewed by Iron Horse uses vegan clarifying agents. This means I now have confirmation that both Iron Horse Brewery and Whipsaw Brewing use brewing methods that are completely compatible with a plant-based diet! Keep a look out for animal ingredients in some of the brews though (like the appearance of bacon at Whipsaw) and use your own judgement on whether or not beer counts as a whole food. I'm gonna say that if you drink the whole thing it probably does, am I right?

-->   I finally tried the "something vegan" on the menu at Iron Horse Brewery and it was really good! I have no clue if they will ever feature the same item again, and from what it seems they might not either. So, onward brave plant food enthusiasts, drink yourselves some whole foods and take a risk on the mystery meal. If you need an excuse to go to the pub, you can call it "market research" like I did.

"Something vegan" at The PUB by Iron Horse Brewery

"Something vegan" at The PUB by Iron Horse Brewery

In closing, please visit my shop and give me several dollars in exchange for the unique and beautiful things you see so that I may continue to figure out how to ship. I will probably deliver locally, so never be afraid to ask. If I don't know you personally, I bet it's about time we change that anyway. 

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